Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This couple must really hate each other

Man, this guy going to feel like an ahole when he see's this picture!  Good lord- somebody call off this wedding! 

World's most ridiculous wedding photos!

I know, I know.  A lot of you girls will think these photos are absolutely "dreamy" but look past the "prettiness" and into the ridiculous.  Did you girls not get to spend enough time being young that you have to work ponies, Rapunzel and Alice in Wonderland into your wedding?  If we are going to go that route, then I should have worked He-Man into mine!    Can you imagine the vintage chic Castle Greyskull I would have had?  I could have had a DIY Skeletor themed groom's cake!

Look- we read!

Some of you may say I am being nit picky here but if you go through all of the trouble to have a reception-in-the-field wedding, with your brought in furniture, your cliched books resting on your wedding table and the overdone window hanging from a tree, then please remove the large, ugly plastic water pitcher from the table. Waiter!

Monday, January 16, 2012

What in the hell just happened here?

Call me old-fashioned (but please not vintage), but when I'm in weddings the photographer tells us to smile.  The bride positively looks like she has gas here.  Selma Blair on right is about to fall over from too many pre-game cocktails and brown head on the left- yikers!  That girl is pissed off!  What in the hell happened seconds before this shot?

Oh no- the epidemic has spread to Alaska!

It seems as if the awful trend of hipster husbands holding their wives bouquets has spread up north!  Is no man safe?  On top of that the "lift-up-my-dress-to-show-off-my-oh-so-clever boots" has also spread!  Run to Savon, Duane Reade or CVS and get your vaccination today!

Weeeee! French Market themed wedding. How creative!

Blech.  Yet another wedding photo shoot out in a freakin' field.  Yet another outdoor wedding using a bicycle.  Yet another groom dressing "old fashioned."  Yawn...boring.