Monday, November 28, 2011

What is the DEAL?

I just can't take it.  What is the deal with these trendy mustaches used in wedding photos?  These mustache photos are as ubiquitous as the Prius in Los Angeles.  I will give $100 bucks to the bride who just stops waxing and grows her own stache.  Now THAT would be unique!

oh my lord- the mustach phenomenon takes on a new form

Is this what people have to do to have fun at their weddings now a days?  What about keg stands?   A round of makers mark shots for the group?  Really?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One of the most overused words in the wedding blog industry: Whimsical!

Dear Readers,  This photo was taken down at the request of the photographer.  It was a picture of two people wearing plastic grey bunny masks on their head during a wedding dinner. 


For this particular photo, I am not making fun of the people in it. From the man's collar, he appears to be a guest. Fine. If someone gave me a mask and their wedding was as boring as this looks, I would put it on too. What I do have a problem with is that the blog it came from titled it "Whimsical Love." Excuse me while I go throw myself down the stairs. I love that this bride probably thinks her party is so "whimsical" because she gave her guests plastic rabbit masks to wear.

Let me guess- her theme was Alice in Wonderland meets Southern California pumpkin patch.

The latest US epidemic... Men are stealing women's bridal bouquets!

These hipster loving guys in Southern California are just as bad as their brides!


I am the first one to think men should get pedicures, manicures and hey, even pick up an USWeekly if you are bored in line at the Supermarket. But why are you taking a photo with your wife's bridal bouquet?

I'm baaaack!

And better than ever. After taking a long time off from this blog to have a real wedding I am proud to say that there are NO pictures of my husband and I looking all sad and gloomy standing one foot apart from each other staring at the camera. He never raised his pants to show off his o' so clever striped socks and I didn't pass out "fake" mustaches. No, thank god, we did things our way and had a blast. The wedding was unique without being cliche.  Most of our pictures are of people just having a great time and celebrating the marriage.  Because that is what weddings are about.

So please enjoy the posts. If anything, I hope to be some fresh air to the saturated "dreamy" bridal blog market out there. Happy Thanksgiving!