Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Isn't she a "cutie"

I don't know about you, but I like to eat my cutie's, not wear them!   It actually looks a bit heavy. 

Can you think of any man who dreams of seeing his bride walk down the aisle with Clementine's in her hair?

Perhaps the wedding was a Carmen Miranda tribute?


  1. Do you think that your blog is funny because you class it as "satire"?

    I think it's rude, mean and unnecessary. So what if you don't like what other people do? There's absolutely no reason to be such goddamn bitch about it.

    Here's a suggestion: try being nice to other people online instead. Oh, and stop stealing people's photos without asking / giving credit.

  2. Woah! I think this comment definitely reaffirms the whole wedding industry taking themselves too seriously.

    I don't think this blog is rude nor mean. I stand by poking good fun at ridiculous poses, choice of fruit in hair, brides posing next to ponies, frowning on your wedding day, etc. I have no problem with taking silly photos, but own what they are- hilarious and ridiculous! This blog has been mentioned on many facebook threads and other websites around the globe now and the overwhelming majority of photographers and brides thought that the site was refreshing, funny and much needed.

    One poster mentions, "This is AMAZING. If I had wedding pictures like that taken, I'd gladly submit them to this blog myself. How do any of them keep a straight face."

    another poster:

    "This really made me laugh and I have to say has made me feel so much better. I am getting married on the 1st of September, and every supplier I have spoken to has asked me what my theme was and then tried to push something which, after reading so many blogs, now just seems over-done and cliched to me."

    and yet another:
    "I'm a wedding blogger, and I WISH that I had the freedom on my blog to say thing like they are like this. It's so funny and TRUE!!! I'm tired of the cookie cutter-ness."

    ok, what the hell, som emore:
    "This is brilliant....and so true in so many cases now!"

    "This is pure brilliance!"

    "he he he this made me spit out my tea!"

    "This makes me feel 100% better about myself ;o) . I dont even log onto style me pretty anymore, because the weddings look too staged, are trying too hard, and most look overstyled anyway."

    "I love that blog, makes me laugh at the sarcasm to each photo. Excellent"

  3. Apologies about being a wee bit too particular, but I believe those are kumquats. Clementines or kumquats, i'm not sure they belong in the poor bride's hair.