Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello sane people out there,

This blog is for everyone out there that is tired of seeing unrealistic wedding photos (mostly from blogs). Frankly, if I never see another mason jar of local jam, antique his and her mustaches and vintage whatcha-ma-call-its in the middle of a meadow, I'll be fine. However, if I do see one more photos of coordinating wedding sock and shoe sets or the bride and groom staring at the camera with a lost yet gloomy look on their face, I won't be fine. I will probably be sick.

These weddings to me do not look or feel like fun weddings. In fact, the best weddings are not about an antique chair in a field but....your guests! Did they have fun? Did people dance? Did people laugh? Were your vows touching? I bet your guests do not even remember the 15 hours you spent on your DIY "chabby chic" escort cards.

I mean, we are not curing cancer here.

I don't know about you but I don't need to see one more themed wedding (Mad Hatter garden party, french provincial, vintage keys, blah blah blah). How about the theme of your wedding is...Wedding! Wow- wouldn't that be a cool idea.

So, I am opening this blog to pocking fun at ourselves. Here are a few things rules:

No using the following words/phrases: SWOON, DREAMY or I AM OBSESSED WITH (fill in the blank)

No being a baby (If you can't poke fun or take a joke, please leave this blog and go jump onto a wedding style blog that takes itself really seriously. There are many but no names here!)

Please send the most ridiculous wedding photos you can find! And folks, I am not talking about photos from the 80's with poofy hair, I am talking about current photos that actually take themselves seriously.

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